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Tom Poore: Classical Guitarist









Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of music do you play?

Most of my repertoire is light classical and Latin American. Im also fond of renaissance music, and I do some popular American standards.

What are your rates?

For solo guitar, I charge $200 per hour. You also have the option of going for guitar duet. The rate for this is $350 per hour. Note: For driving distance of more than 35 miles one way, an additional charge of $50 is added to the first hour.

Do you require an advance deposit?

No. While I used to do this, over the years Ive found that people seldom cancel on me once weve agreed to a date. So I prefer to be paid in full on the day of your event.

Do you take requests?

During the event, usually not. (Although Ive been asked to play Stairway to Heaven and Classical Gas often enough that I have them at the ready.) But if you let me know ahead of the event, I can include something you really want to hear. For example, Im often asked to play specific pieces for weddings. Regardless of what musical style the piece is in, I can usually adapt it for guitar. Just let me know in advance, so I have sufficient time to arrange and practice the music.

Isn’t the guitar too quiet for a large gathering?

I have my own amplification system thats sufficient for most large rooms.

But I’m not sure if amplification will be necessary. Can you play without it?

Most people underestimate how noisy an event will be. While you might think amplification will be unnecessary for your event, the reality is that some amplification will almost certainly be needed. In general, its best to leave this decision to me. Bear in mind Im not going to blast your guests out of their chairs with my amplifier. Rather, I discretely amplify my guitar so it can be heard above the hubbub. I also try to stay aware of the noise level while Im playing. If things get noisy, Ill tweak up the volume a bit so Im still audible to your guests. If things quiet down, Ill adjust the volume accordingly.

I would like to have a friend sing during our wedding ceremony. Can you accompany a singer?

Ive done this many times. Just let me know what song (or songs) you want sung, and I can come up with a guitar accompaniment. For example, some years ago I played a wedding in which I was asked to accompany the hymn Here I Am, Lord. If you want to hear a midi sample of the accompaniment I provided, click here.

If I book you, and then later someone comes to you with a better offer, will you cancel on me?

No. I never cancel one event so that I can take a more lucrative offer. I consider this unethical and unprofessional. The only reason I would cancel is for illness or a dire emergency. In this unlikely case, Ill find a suitable replacement so you wont be left without a guitarist for your event.

What’s your set up time?

It usually takes me only about ten minutes to set up. That being said, I like to arrive at the event at least a half hour before Im scheduled to play. This gives me enough time to touch base with whoever I need to talk with.

Will I be charged for your set up time?


Do you take breaks?

For events of two hours or less, Im happy to play without a break. For events of three or four hours, Ill take one 20 minute break. For longer events, Ill take a break every two hours.

If I book you to play until a certain time, but at the event decide that I would like you to continue playing, can I do this?

If you want me to continue playing past the previously agreed on time, this is usually no problem for me. Youll of course pay my hourly rate for the additional time.









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