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The Sor Project: Op. 44 bis









SorPortraitThis project grew out of my admiration for the Spanish guitar virtuoso Fernando Sor (1778-1839). Below are links to recordings of the six valses of Sors Op. 44 bis. (Through the miracle of overdubbing, I play both parts.) Although Sor intended these as easy teaching pieces, theyre also rich studies in musicianship. With this in mind, each recording is accompanied by a short article on some aspect of the music youll be hearing. I offer my performances and opinions with a cheerful air of infallibility. But its not so important that you agree with my playing or opinions. Whats more important is that you come away from this project with a greater appreciation for this elegant and delightful music.

Valse Op. 44 bis, No. 1--------------------------------------------------Valse Op. 44 bis, No. 4

Valse Op. 44 bis, No. 2--------------------------------------------------Valse Op. 44 bis, No. 5

Valse Op. 44 bis, No. 3--------------------------------------------------Valse Op. 44 bis, No. 6


Want the sheet music for this? Click here. (Opens in new browser window.)

I loved Tom Poores thoughtful comments on Sor. He has done admirably in clearly stating his opinions, his beliefs, and his path of discovery into the complexity in Sor. Hes scholarly and helpful in a way far superior to an absolutist—he challenges us to discover.

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