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Giuliani Op. 15





Sonata Op. 15 in C major, Allegro spirito: Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)









Italian composer Mauro Giuliani lived in Vienna from 1806 to 1819. In this recording, Ive considered it unlikely that Giuliani set out to compose a flashy pot-boiler—although thats something he was well able to do. Rather, as an outsider living in Vienna, he was intrigued by the Viennese approach to music. So he set himself to assimilate the examples of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. His Op. 15 is one such result. Among his solo works, it stands apart as something more objective and architecturally rigorous. With this fine and unique work, Mauro Giuliani showed himself to be more than a mere showman. This sonata is durable enough to support something other than an overtly expressive approach, which is the usual approach to Giuliani. Yes, this makes its charms more elusive. But perhaps their elusiveness makes them more enduring.


from a painting by Philipp von Stubenrauch (1784–1848)

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