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Esa Einai





Esa Einai: Yitzchok Rosenthal









A 9 year old beginning student of mine brought in this beautiful melody and wanted to learn it. I liked it enough that I arranged it for two guitars, and we recorded it during a lesson. Not only am I proud of her performance, but Im also pleased that on her own she found music she wanted to play. Yitzchok Rosenthal is a composer associated with the Jewish musical group Shalsheles. By the way, the student who made this recording improved since we made this recording—in 2012 she was a gold medalist in the The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. You can find the sheet music for this arrangement here: download pdf.

Alonso Sánchez Coello

Young Boy with Peyot: Isidor Kaufmann (1854-1921)

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