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An Malvina





An Malvina, Bardenklänge Op. 13, No. 1: Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856)









When bards are removed to their place, when harps are hung in Selmas hall, then comes a voice to Ossian and awakes his soul. It is the voice of years that are gone. They roll before me with all their deeds. I seize the tales as they pass, and pour them forth in song. Nor a troubled stream is the song of the King. Not silent are thy streamy rocks when the white hands of Malvina move upon the harp. Light of the shadowy thoughts that fly across my soul, daughter of Toscar of helmets, wilt thou not hear the song? We call back, maid of Lutha, the years that have rolled away. (link to sheet music)

— from The Poems of Ossian, by James Macpherson (1836-1896)


Ossian and Malvina: Johann Peter Krafft (1780–1856)

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